franz-sunset.jpgI am Franz, and this is my personal blog. 

I enjoy creating lots of different kinds of things, and writing is something I find more and more rewarding as I grow older. Sometimes I write stuff that people tell me they find valuable. Unfortunately, often the places I write are less than ideal.

Writing on social media is a waste of time as everything is ordered by time first and popularity second. I'm not trying to win that contest. Some of my writing on my business related websites doesn't always make the most sense either. No one cares too much about what I think there, they care what the things I make can do for them, and that's fair. 

This website is a weird collection of words that are important to me, and some other people, that I didn't want to go away. 

Some of this stuff was originally posted to Medium, which has more and more become gated content. I understand they need to eat, but I don't feel like this writing should feed someone else. 

Some of this stuff was posted to (previously but it probably is good that time has made it harder to find. ;)

Some of this stuff I'm just posting here as personal branding, lessons I've learned, and principles I've developed over my journey. 

If you want to get ahold of me with some interesting ideas or needs, I'd love to hear from you. It's unlikely I'm going to buy anything.

I hope you enjoy!