Bob Pierce…

Bob was a man of character. A man who knew what he liked, and lived life to the fullest.

Bill Bauer was a rock in the storm of life.

When Bill looked you in the eye, you could see he was sharp as a tack and could instantly cut through any bullshit you might throw. He never abused that power though. He always played along, always wanted the best in people to shine.

I believe you, because #metoo

Yes, even I’ve had my own experiences with sexual predators, but on the daily I get to operate in the world without constant harassment and fear. Every one of us deserves that freedom.

I miss you Pmo.

You knew how to enjoy the moment, and how to trust your instincts. We believed in a bigger tomorrow.

Actually, maybe you should feel guilty about that shooting.

Good ideas with low risk should be pursued individually with the spirit that something done is better than nothing happening. Throwing up our hands and blaming the other team for being idiots is how things get worse, not better.

Can we have a symbol for Southern pride that isn’t racist?

Let’s be clear; the South is not evil, and the North is still hella-racist too.