I think I speak for everyone I saw today when I say “what the f*ck, you’re dead???”

It just doesn’t feel real… I feel like at the very least I should be able to IM you. Maybe just figure out my password to ICQ or something and be able to check up…

Yo’.. Sup Pmo?

I went to the celebration of your life today, it was beautiful. People from all around the world gathered to share in their confusion and misery at the loss of you. Your wife and kids did great. You we’re blessed, and you did a great job.

You showed me a way to balance faith in success with candid cynicism. You knew how to enjoy the moment, and how to trust your instincts. We believed in a bigger tomorrow. Even after years of jaded services work experience, we knew the internet and what we were doing was important.

I miss you very much Patrick.

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