When I was younger, we’d come up with a new idea at work and I’d ask “do you think anyone will use this?” 

I have learned over time this is a stupid question.

The answer is always: “yes.” 

There are 7+ billion people on earth. Think of the weirdest, silliest, dumbest, kinkiest, you-name-it idea you can right now. I promise you someone else is doing it or considering it too. That’s just how amazing humanity is. We’re a testing ground of unimaginable creativity. 

George Carlin famously said: “Think of how dumb an average person is. Now realize half the people out there are dumber than THAT.” The less jaded perspective is the other half is smarter, and we’ve all got things we’re great at, and things we’re not. 

If you’ve got a crazy product idea, ask how MANY people will like it. Ask how MUCH will they spend on it. 

If you’re worried if anyone will understand your idea?
Fear not - someone will. 

If you’re worried if anyone will try to break your product?
Save time - they’re gonna. 

Someone will try to abuse your sales process, someone else will try to give you money for nothing. The list goes on as far as you care to make it. 

There is truly someone out there for every idea. 

Your job is to listen and learn so you can find the right people for what you’re doing.

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